Vehicle Location Tracking

Track and manage fleet vehicles anywhere at anytime

If vehicles are a critical part of your business, you know how important it is to see where they are at all times. But without access to accurate location data, managing your vehicles can be extremely challenging and create serious business issues that range from decreased productivity to critical security and safety risks. That’s why our vehicle tracking solutions helps you monitor and manage vehicles anytime, anywhere, while maintaining actionable intelligence that can help your business go the extra mile.

  • Localization – access to accurate, real-time vehicle location data
  • Geo-Fencing – detect when vehicles breach digitally restricted geographic locations
  • Notifications and Alerts – receive instant, rule based vehicle location and status updates
  • Historical Data – full visibility as to where a vehicle has been during a specific time frame
  • Reporting – view data in customizable reports and visualization in easy to read formats
  • Mobile Application – manage vehicles from iOS and Android mobile devices, regardless of your location
  • Street View – toggle between street view and map view as needed
  • Driver Behavior – monitor performance aspects such as speed, braking, acceleration, etc.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – schedule and monitor maintenance based on time, engine hours, or odometer reading
  • Fuel Estimate – manage fuel consumption, idle cost, and efficiency with optional alerts
  • Fuel Sensors – monitor fuel tank levels with fuel sensor devices